Latest News

Latest News
October 15, 2000
Welcome to! Our high speed data servers have been installed and we’re quickly working toward the official release. New features in the prelimenary 1.70 version include access to current conditions, forecasts, discussions, climate summaries, and more…as well as two high speed servers! The new QuickLinks(tm) feature will allow you instant access to satellite, radar, forecast model data, and much more! Hot off the presses is version 1.70, ready for testing. Click here to download version 1.70 and to find out more about InterWARN!

Outage Notice

October 26, 2000
In preparation for the release of InterWARN 2.0, Server 1 will be offline intermittently over the next week or so. This is to perform an upgrade on the server to ensure data reliability and timeliness. In the meantime, Server 2 should provide you with up to the second weather information.


InterWARN© is a state-of-the-art program that handles ALL your weather related needs, for business or pleasure. InterWARN© turns any regular internet connection into your own automated personal wire service for National Weather Service watches, warnings and statements…including Storm Prediction Center watches and outlooks, and tropical advisories from the National Hurricane Center. InterWARN’s© completely customizable and interactive interface allows you to get the information YOU want with options that include visual and audio alarms and the ability to save, print, and e-mail all incoming weather information. Retrieval of forecast, current conditions, climate summaries, and more is a breeze with the new InterWARN browser.

Click here to take advantage of the many unique abilities InterWARN has to offer, download a free 21 day trial version, and view screen shots.