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Just to let you know that both InterWarn and StormLab were very helpful to us last evening while we were under the gun for the tornadoes that ripped through portions of Iowa City .  As of now, weíve had no reports of fatalities or life-threatening injuries within Iowa City .  However, there was one fatality in a mobile home in the small town of Nichols óabout 15 miles away.  It could have been much, much worse.

InterWarn permitted me to provide timely information on warnings to our severe weather net.  Backstopped by StormLab, I was also able to provide our net with additional information about cell movement and TVS/MESO indicators. 

All in all, the software paid for itself last evening.  Canít wait for the newest versions to be released (likewise, for the new features).

-- Rich B., Iowa City, IA

I have been a customer of yours now for a few years. We purchased StormLab and InterWARN when they were in version 1.0. Yesterday we had a major tornado outbreak in our region of the country and we had our programs running which allowed us to spot dangerous weather situations as they were developing. Even before the National Weather Service issued warnings we were able to warn our friends and family as well as our communities emergency services up to 15 to 40 minutes before the threat was on our doorstep. We praise you for your development of this software. You have saved lives by producing such an effective software!
-- Central Ohio SkyWARN

Last month, a small tornado that passed only a few miles from my university. Around 3 PM (Sept 26, '03), I fired up Storm Lab to get a picture of what was going on. I opened up Composite mode and the cell that was having the rotation also had a tornado vortex signature. I did a pathcast on that storm and it indicated that it would hit around 3:45. I showed this to my Resident Assistant, and he started rounding up everyone on our floor and calling the people who weren't accounted for, and told them what was going to happen. Soon the windows were getting pelted with hail and the sirens went off. We all went down 13 flights of stairs to the basement and hid there for an hour or so until the storm stopped. What amazed me was that StormLab had the time of storm impact right on the nose. StormLab, in my opinion, is the ONLY software you need if you are concerned with severe weather. It performs flawlessly when you need it most. Any yes, a rain-wrapped F2 tornado dissipated just a few miles from campus.
-- Dan C., Lombard IL
I just wanted to thank you for getting the registration code back to me so quickly. I entered it into StormLab and it works great.  For the money itís a steal. Anyway keep up the good work Evan.  StormlLab has an easy to use interface with easy to understand buttons clearly labeled. Thatís professional. 
-- Robert L, Junction City, KS
Evan, your program is great.  This morning (11/11/02 -- day after Veteran's Day tornado outbreak) the weather radios went into alarm.   Then  I heard a distant sound like a jet plane on final to Dulles Airport (5 miles NW of here). Sounded a bit different, wasn't tracking like a plane in the pattern, somewhat southeast of here traveling NE.   After hearing the tornado warning, I look on StormLab see an impressive storm with a tornadic signature just to my SE. I had my home location plotted on the screen so I could tell the storm was just going to miss us.
-- Brian B, Chantilly, VA
Another GREAT job on StormLab :-) A really fine job on an excellent meteorological tool for us out here! I saw on Tuesday at KHUN when the TV crews were covering our "little" storm...that they had the Base Reflectivity product w/ menu, displayed on what looked like about a 20" LCD monitor and it was almost "identical" to StormLab! Very impressive indeed. Again great work and hope you continued success my friend.
-Tim V, Hunstville, AL
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