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InterWARN Testimonials

Just to let you know that both InterWarn and StormLab were very helpful to us last evening while we were under the gun for the tornadoes that ripped through portions of Iowa City .  As of now, we’ve had no reports of fatalities or life-threatening injuries within Iowa City .  However, there was one fatality in a mobile home in the small town of Nichols —about 15 miles away.  It could have been much, much worse.

InterWarn permitted me to provide timely information on warnings to our severe weather net.  Backstopped by StormLab, I was also able to provide our net with additional information about cell movement and TVS/MESO indicators. 

All in all, the software paid for itself last evening.  Can’t wait for the newest versions to be released (likewise, for the new features).

-- Rich B., Iowa City, IA

I have been a customer of yours now for a few years. We purchased StormLab and InterWARN when they were in version 1.0. Yesterday we had a major tornado outbreak in our region of the country and we had our programs running which allowed us to spot dangerous weather situations as they were developing. Even before the National Weather Service issued warnings we were able to warn our friends and family as well as our communities emergency services up to 15 to 40 minutes before the threat was on our doorstep. We praise you for your development of this software. You have saved lives by producing such an effective software!
-- Central Ohio SkyWARN

I just wanted to take some time to say 'Thank You' to all of you at Storm Alert for developing such a great tool! I live in Kansas City, KS and my family and I were able to take cover before a tornado tore apart homes and shops just 1 block away from my house on May 4th. This tool along with NOAA weather radio I feel truly helped saved countless lives on that day! Keep up the great work!!
-Bryan B, Kansas City, KS
Once again, great upgrade improvements to InterWARN. You continue to blow everyone else out of the water with your software. Congratulations on a job well done.
--Paul R, Environment Canada -- Belle River, Ontario
I just wanted to say "Thanks" for developing a very useful product to someone like me, a meteorologist and storm chaser, that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.  I've always wanted to build a separate computer with access to the NOAA weather wire with an alarm system for severe weather advisories.  Your software does that efficiently on any regular PC and a dedicated internet connection, and without clogging up system resources. Thanks again!
-- C.T." Thongklin, Kansas City, MO
Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I appreciate Interwarn. Today, our EMS crew was out at a local Motocross track when my son and I received some text pages on out cell phones. It was for a severe thunderstorm warning that affected the county just to our west. This gave us a heads up that it could be coming our way. So we let the track announcer in the tower know this info and he relayed it to the riders and spectators at the track. If it wouldn't have been for your software and the page feature, we would have been unaware and not paying attention to the sky to our west. Once again, Thanks for the great software product and keep up the great work.
-- Frank K, EMT, East Prospect, PA
Obviously, as the owner of E-Alert USA, I have everything I need in the way of alert dissemination, but I will again repeat that I am so impressed with your program that I am going to purchase it immediately.  I hope you take that as a compliment, because *I* am the LAST person who would buy something like this normally!
-- A.J. H, Snellville, GA
I just thought I would drop you a note about Interwarn. I'm currently assigned to the World Trade Center Disaster site, working as a Red Cross Volunteer.

I arrived here December 9th (2001), and left my computer at home running applications, including Interwarn. The machine hasn't been shut down, or booted, and I'm still getting Interwarn traffic (it's now Jan 24th)!
-Terry B, Evansville, IN
Hey guys, first let me say I really REALLY like the program you guys developed.  I am somewhat of a weather hobbyist, and I like to keep tabs on the different weather situations around the country and locally.  Interwarn lets me do just that.  I especially enjoy the new real-time display.  This way I can see warnings and watches from not only the counties I have selected, but all over the country. Thanks again for the great product.  It was a great investment on my part.
--Grant M, Cedarville, OH
The Maine State Emergency Management directors really like your software. I have a feeling that you are going to be getting a lot more orders in the next few months. I have placed my order and thank you again for all of your help.
-- Doug A, Ellsworth, ME
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